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07 Apr 2008


a New show is up running at our radio station! www.myspace.com/shanghairadio , see the link in the blog role! the show is about art and our trip to an old Opium factory and den. We meet an very interesting photographer named Maleonn. www.maleonn.com He turned out to be one of the initiators who turned the old factory into a creative hub for upcoming artists. It is located at WeiHai lu 696 and has an extremely rough and raw appeal! We […]

07 Apr 2008

quick update…//…

Closing down the first part of The Kaospilot Oupost 2008 in Shanghai -Rat year-

27 Mar 2008

SES -Shanghai Experimental School-

Arriving back to Shanghai at 13.40 straight from The 4th International Chemical Fiber and Yarn Products Investments Seminar in Tongxiang Nicklas, Anders Fredsø and Søren went to SES (Shanghai Experimental School) to facilitate a workshop. We were given the task to do a lecture in a high school, for students having a series of lectures about “new ways of thinking, discussing and communicating”. We had more or less free hands in order to plan the one hour given. The only […]

16 Mar 2008

Anti Iraq demonstration in Tokyo

While being random in Tokyo, playing football, drums, hackysack and hanging out. We came by a demontration against the war in Iraq. There were shit lots of police and not that many participants in the demonstration. My friend Nei Kodama told me about the Extremely right-winged Japanese government and the few who dared to stand up and go against it. We were looking at some of the few… -his bandana says UNITE  Shortly after the police started to drag people out […]

13 Mar 2008


YES! there is a way….!I created this: www.flickr.com/steendahl and when the possibilities are there, you will find some on this side as well, to make it more inspiring!take care! 

12 Mar 2008

Just an other day in madness…

The day is over, I am back in my bed at my couchsurfing hosts; Alicia and Britt. The day started at 09.00 and finishes at 23.45, one out of many days here in Shanghai. After group guidence with Fanny Posselt and Simon Kavanagh we continued our production of a book containing our research. At 16.00 we had an interesting meeting with an Italien named Marco. He is at the moment making a movie about the fashion hub. A movie that […]