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About me

Hiking, Running, Photography - I Do Digital Stuff

Based in Copenhagen I tell stories through photography.

Let's connect and share inspiration

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Who is behind this?

I would like to encourage you to navigate around the site and gets inspiration in order for you to form your own picture. This whole web project is a side thing for me. I'm just having fun with photography and the possibilities it provides while playing around with a webpage. I love the fact that a camera can bring us in new and unexpected situations. I love that it's possible to meet new people by taking photos with them, of them or next to them. I love to play around with it and I appreciate the endless situations which can rise from it.
The travel - the nature - the new view on small things - the unexpected light or the beautiful flower. It's all there and the camera can facilitate the meeting between you and "it".

Lets connect and share that moment.

If you wan't to know more on a business level, then continue on to my Linkedin profile.
All the best
Søren Bo Steendahl

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A few more options

The internet hold so many possibilities, I use a few of them

I aim to keep this as my main page and blog. And I use different other services such as Instagram, Flickr and Eyeem as my daily photo-dose. Looking forward connecting with you.

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