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13 Nov 2009

Sick and smiling kids from Sierra Leone, Vest Africa

After I returned back from Sierra Leone I made the blog post – Back from Sierra Leone.  And i started to see a trend in my blog statistics. A lot of search result are clicking in with searches  combinations like “ happy smiling african kid” or “happy children Sierra Leone” or “Malnutrition children sick” I have been thinking about how to react to this, and I though I would showcase some more of the different photos I have laying around […]

12 Nov 2009

An open head at Nørrebro

I haven´t been able to keep up with my own blog, since I have been working with my company Kadaver and the organization Masanga. There are many blog posts taking place in my head, and soon I will have them online too. An interesting one that I have thought about the last couple of days is the creation of the new Metro at Assistens kirkegården at Nørrebro´s runddel. There are a lot of citizens in Copenhagen who are extremely angry […]

28 Sep 2009

Appriciating life

This blog post is going to be about an experiences I had about a week ago. The Small things that makes me smile. I was deeply into a debate with me good friend, Rasmus, about the Danish society. About the changes that are ongoing at the moment. We both remember for some years back when we where proud of being Danish. Especially when meeting people while traveling. The fact is that I am not proud now. I can hardly identity […]

21 May 2009

Nana Dall

Here you go my friend, a great photo of you! with smiles and joy! sommertimes and an unsure future ahead of us. Keep dansing and smiling and more flowers will come your way. thank you and the rest of team 13 for a great weekend in Århus!

14 May 2009

Hanging out in Cph

I spent some time the other day with my good friend Mark Beanland. Here is a snap shot of him in a reflecting situation. Mark and I study together, and I will encurige you to check out some of the work and thoughts he is blogging about. http://learningful.wordpress.com/ http://markhbeanland.wordpress.com/

21 Apr 2009
Likemind Copenhagen

Likemind Copenhagen

When I was staying in New York, I came by the monthly coffee meeting Likemind and that really tricked me. I therefore signed up for getting the event to Denmark. We are now about to run the second round -coffee – talks – laughs – hang out – people – We where about 30 people last time, and the athmosphere was great! hopefully we can get even more people to come and share their stories and proffessions with us this […]

19 Apr 2009

happy birtsday dear blog

I just realized that i have been blogging on this blog for a bit more than one year now. It has been a pretty interesting learning about the Internet and the possibilities within blogging. -a great way of communicating ones thoughts, work, opinions and other material such as photos or just different experiences. I just looked through some of the photos on my hard drive, and i came by this one from the day i made my first blogpost. -sort […]

05 Apr 2009

Photo practice

During this Sunday I went for a photo-practice-session. My task was to capture “bodies in Motion”. I went to the skatepark near Fælledparken in Copenhagen and met a nice skater with a colorful outfit. This was the result: And for those interested, the photo is captures with ISO Lo80, f 22 and a shutter speed of 1/8 to get the movement in the photo.

23 Feb 2009

3D street art

I got this link just now trhough the online social network Twitter where you can follow me and the Ambusanga project. I found it as a reply to my earlier post about street art in copenhagen. i think this video i spretty amazing, I love the stop-motion effect in it, the story, the time perspectives, the frees effects and the outcome! – enjoy! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SNYtd0Ayt0]

23 Feb 2009

The small beautyful things of Copenhagen

I was strolling home on a Saturday afternoon, the sun was nearly shining and the city seemed hungover from a good Friday.. Some of the beautiful things about walking in Copenhagen are the small things that decorates the city. First i came by this piece of street art, with the writing on it, saying: Forget my name. and then the “for” is tagged. When i saw it, my thought was that it had to be realated to the artist “husk […]

18 Feb 2009

::Copenhagen By Night::::

The other night after a long day of snowy weather and smiling people, I chose to take a long walk through the city. Around One o´clock at night I came by these views of Copenhagen, more exact Nørrebro. I moved here for not long ago, back in Copenhagen from Århus. A change of city I have been waiting and longing for. My time in Århus has been irreplaceable due to the education and the extremely nice people i met. Though […]

14 Feb 2009

tag clouds

The other day i heard of a webpage named Wordle, so today i checked it out. And by adding the text from my blog i got this visual word cloud showing the context of what i have been writing about.

14 Feb 2009

when time changes

The last day at the Kaospilot education in Århus has now taken place. Yesterday was kick-off for focus on final projects. The journey through the educational program has been amazing so far! From now on i will focus on my final exam (and all the other projects by the side)… when searching around the Internet for inspiration to the Ambusanga project i came by this short video introducing shortly where i have been the last two and a half year. […]

26 Jan 2009


The other day I sat down to empty my mind, lot´s of thoughts are running through my tiny head at these days. The final project on the last semester is approaching really quickly and the end of the education era is closing in. In order to empty my head for all thoughts i sat down with my laptop and typed down what ever came to my mind. All concerns, hinders, frustrations, tasks and thoughts. All of them in 15 min. […]

20 Jan 2009
16 Jan 2009


Every 4th year, x-mas is celebrated with my mom´s side of the family, this year we where 32 people for 2 days. Enjoying each others company, playing around, going for long walks, making great food, talking, debating, storytelling, hugging, dancing, singing, drinking, kissing, jumping, laughing, sleeping… To see what the danish newspaper Politiken said click HERE Strolling by the wather, From left: Marie, Signe and Marlis (Knud and Ditte in the background) Urd and Eva By the water; Tom and […]

16 Dec 2008
10 Dec 2008


My flickr account, and short about PhotoLetter

04 Dec 2008

How romantic can it get? …

Finally we got a place to live, where we can cook… We will enjoy this for the next 2 weeks… For dinner we heard The Raconteurs, “Together”. The lyrics really stroke me, and i have written some of them down for you. I am fan of Jack White and Brendan Benson’s philosophy: First you have to learn how to live, and then live and learn… I guess you are the one that knows when “you know how to live” … […]

27 Nov 2008

East Harlem I love you, Inside out!

Here We lived for the last Month, this is the first thing you see when going trough the front door. And to describe the feeling, the closest i can think of is a well used Toilet at Roskilde Festival on a sunny day. The smell was harsh and stiff, a good mix of Piss, beers and rotten wood. Most likely there are more things to add to this list, things i don´t know about, and honestly don´t either want to […]

26 Nov 2008

Live Your Life, please.

Things are happening. as always… you could say. Time is flying! i have tried this before in a way; Impressions and new experiences are everywhere! They sort of floats around somewhere between my ears and behind my eyes. When i say i have tried this before, I am referring to the end stay in Shanghai. Slowly i am realizing where i am and being comfortable with it. The other day i went to church. Not be course of the mess […]

10 Nov 2008

Obama for Preseident

Shanghai Radio made a show from Time Square in New York during the election of the 44th President of United States of America. The experience of being there and feeling the unity of New Yorkers was indescribable. We were standing just outside “ABC news” studio, the atmosphere was tense. When it got to the point where Obama was elected the crowed went crazy! screaming, jumping, crying, hugging, yelling, smiling … silence… A person told me at some point, that this […]

28 May 2008

Le petit Andrés

Saturday the 24th of may, Anders Toft played a super funky hard-rocking electro set at Studenterhuset in Århus. The music was smashing and the beers tasty. Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy! Nicklas is chilling next to the Dj´s and the empty dance floor Anders “aka” Le petit Andrés, Anders “aka” Le petit Andrés

27 May 2008

One Day In Shanghai

During our stay in Shanghai, I created together with me friend Jacob klintrup, a movie illustrating a random day in the busy city. We made a Dogma concept with the following rules: -No setups, -Only one takes and no editing -All photos in chronological order -A random day, where what ever happened – happened, no setups. -The music played is the music from the day -Only follow Jacob Klintrup -All photos by me, Søren Bo Steendahl This has created a stop-motion video […]

22 May 2008

Going through Photos on the Hard drive…

While looking through my hard drive I came to cross some photos I like.   Nagano, Japan Tokyo, Japan, a friday @ 20.30 Nagano, Japan Summer Palace, Beijing, China Summer Palace, Beijing, China Summer Palace, Beijing, China Århus harbor, Denmark