The Secret Behind Beautiful Landscape Photography 


I literally believe that I have taken many thousand photos of landscapes during my many years of playing around photography.
All those years with all that practice and still so far to go. It´s amazing how many different ways you can capture an image. How many different thoughts that can be added to the process. For the last two years, I think, Landscape photography has gotten my attention more and more. Previously I would say that the documenting part of a situation was my favourite. Capturing the action, for ever. But combining photography practicing with hiking and spending time outdoor gives the art new dimensions. I’ve read tons of blog posts, seen hours of youtube videos, seen Lynda courses and read debate forums for tips and tricks to do “amazing” or “outstanding” landscape photography. I´m following lots of Flickr profiles, Instagram profiles and pinterest profiles to get inspiration and hints to be better. There are so many view points and directions out there that it can be difficult to pick “your own tast and direction”. Thats at least how I feel. Some time ago, I participated in a photo course in “Travel Photography”. With the intend to get better at capturing the surroundings when traveling, hiking, walking or just strolling around. It was a great course! I can highly recommend it. Nigel the teacher said something in the lines of: The Secret Behind Beautiful Landscape Photography, is the timing. You have to prepare your self to wait for the moment. The right moment. Nigel showed us a youtube video with a time laps of a city. I couldn’t find that exact video, though I believe this one does the job too. When would you take “the one” still shot from this position ?

Around 0.27 or 1.12 ish. right? Sunset or Sunrise with the touch of light from the houses.
So the photo I got the other day – don’t apply to that rule… because I was in a hurry and had to get home in time. I would’ve loved to wait and to see the car lights on the bridge too. But now I know the spot and I’m pretty happy with how the results turned out too. It’s a shitty excuse.. I know. But at least I’m aware of it ????

Long Exposure practice at Storebæltsbroen In Denmark

I used my ND filter for this capture, just like the photos in the previous post.
Here is a behind the scene shot with the iPhone while eating dinner.
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  1. What a stunning shot….the colours of the light are simply beautiful…and I also liked hearing about your thinking and your process….that behind the scenes shot made me smile????

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