Why Joining a Network?

I was first introduced to the idea of joining The Thousand Network back more than two years ago. At that time is was still called Sandbox. I got intrigued by an email I got from Mia Jung, the Cph Hub ambassador at the time. We met for a breakfast meeting before work and after a few cups of coffee and a great chat I started to understand what is was all about. By now I must say I find it pretty fantastic to be a part of a group with over 1000 bright minds from all over the world and cross various industries. Likewise I’m honoured to help other members when I can.


The Thousand Network is a global community that works across sectors, borders and cultures and aims to help its members strive for their best potential. Our vision is to build a global community of exceptional, passionate pioneers who inspire and empower each other to create a better world. 


Thats what’s written on the front page of the website and it’s pretty spot on. http://thousandnetwork.com/

Already now I’ve had some extraordinary experiences by being a part of this community and one more experience is coming up soon! Next week I will go to stockholm to spend a weekend with aprox 30 members from all over the world. Thats going to be pretty interesting ????

Our hub in Copenhagen are always looking for new members. Just recently we hosted a breakfast meeting introducing new minds. Feel free to reach out if you want more info, or check out the CPH hub description here: http://thousandnetwork.com/hubs/copenhagen/
I will highly encourage you to find a network suitable for you. There you will experience to gain – by giving.
A few photos from the CPH retreat back in March 2014.


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