Why I love Crossfit = why I don’t blog …

I just realized that since I started at the Crossfit Copenhagen center “church of pain” i haven’t done any blogging. Besides microblogs such as twitter, instagram etc. I wonder if that refers to the video in the previous post: ”If you dont have time, stop watching TV.” The last 8/9 months I have allocated my time to training which means less time to online spare time activities. Such as blogging… Crossfit is for me an ideal training form. I love the intensity, I love that I just have to show up and then someone have made a program for me! I love that it´s training the whole body and that I have to do exercises that I don´t like doing. That could be Toes to Bar, pull ups or Farmer walks for example. In case you wonder what crossfit is you can check out these two links to get inspiration. Link 1 and link 2.

If you ask me I would describe it as: Playful training, hard training, intense training, muscle building and fat burning. I especially enjoy the welcoming atmosphere! Something you don’t find in Fitness.dk or fitnessWorld.

Yesterday parts of the training program was 5 times 8 reps of Goodmornings. A lift i normally like! Unfortunately I experienced a terrible pain during the last set. At repetition number 6 in the last round my muscles in the back snapped. Now I’m in my bed staring at the ceiling… Here I’ll have to stay for some days which means – having lots of times for blogging and probably wont be training crossfit again for the next month minimun…(according to the doctors) My recommendation to you will still be to start training crossfit, it is mind blowing great! My personal learnings from yesterday is that my lower back is not as strong as it feels like! I did the Goodmornings, slowly raising the weight to 60kg. for the last two rounds. Only failing with 2 repetitions out of 40 in total… Lesson learned!

This is the Goodmorning exercise, besides the guy in the video isn’t holding his neck in the same position as we were told to do yesterday… ??


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