When saying ‘Sorry’ becomes routine. You are indeed fucked up!

For a person living in Denmark, the Americans and the 2nd amendment seems like a freaking joke more than anything. Again and again we (here in this cold part of the world, Denmark) hear about horrible school shootings in America, last time in Oregon. It’s straight out terrible! Horrible! And all my regards goes to the those who lost their loved ones.
What I don’t understand is the lack of action to get guns of the streets. Obama is trying and this speech really touched me! Though again he meets the same lame arguments – we have the right to keep a gun for protection- we have the right to defend our own homes… please watch Obamas speech in this video which I found at TheGuardian.com  

If the road is unsafe – we fix it!


As you might know if you follow this blog or my Ambusanga or G+ feed, I’m a strong believer of a creative approach to change mindsets and behaviour. Finally I stumbled over a creative touch to bring the message through to those who consider getting guns.

This video “Every Gun have a history” – that I came across it in my facebook feed the other day. The video actually sparked my interested in writing this blogpost and getting the frustration of my chest. This campaign is one great initiative to start changing mindsets. Keep up the good work. See the video here, and please share your thoughts with me.


Obama encourage the media to publish a statistic comparing numbers of people killed by guns vs. terror. I haven’t been able to find it.. and I would love to see it. If you have it please share the link in the comment section.

After I liked the video og the gun shop, I saw this post with numbers of killings in each country in %.

Pretty terrifying hu?

Seeing Obama trying to make a difference reminded me of the night I had on Time Square in Nov. 2008, when Obama got elected... What a strong individual!

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