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Kastellet the pentagram fortress - What to see in Copenhagen?

What to see in Copenhagen? Kastellet the pentagram fortress

Kastellet is one of the most beautiful parts of Copenhagen. Kastellet is an old fortress from back in the days, when it was tough to conquer a hill surrounded by water – holding a canon on top…  It´s a very historical place in Copenhagen, and I can’t remember if I’ve been here before or not. I’m pretty sure I have, but it’s years back. This morning I arranged a photowalk at the location around Kastellet.
Basically, I got a lot of responses on the previous photowalk and I was asked to arrange a new one. I love the photowalks. It’s a fantastic chance to take some time out to simply enjoy and explore the nearby surroundings. This very time I was happy to see the interest for the event, though unfortunately, the participation didn’t match the interest. We ended up being a very small (but strong) duo, taking the challenge to document our experience of Kastellet. Despite the turn down in participant I really enjoyed the day. Fantastic, conversations around tech and ideas, blogs and photo approaches. Very much appreciated! Go check out Karen Mardal aka kmdk of the internet! That talk also led to the beginning of Tumblr street art blog…  let’s see where that will end up.
We entered Kastellet in the cold weather and shot for about an hour or so.
Shortly about Kastellet in Copenhagen:
It is one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe. It is constructed in the form of a pentagram with bastions at its corners.
Please let me know how you find the photos.



church at kastellet


canon – oldschool


reflection at Kastellet Copenhagen


no bullshit – Kastellet Copenhagen


“HOLD THE GROUND” at Kastellet Copenhagen

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