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02 Mar 2008

Sunday in pulsing madness

If possible: then play CV Jørgensen, søndags seanser while reading this paragraph. that is describing my mood and smile pretty well. it´s now sunday. The sun has been shining. I have had some cosy hangovers and some nice time alone. Alone in that sense that i have been walking around on my own. There are always people around you when being out on in the streets. I finally found a football field and sat down to enjoy the sun, my […]

28 Feb 2008

Blogging and rocking!

After a stroke of fever and a serious Asian influenza I am now strong and happy again! a lot have happened the two and a half day where I have been knocked out. We as a group, lost our client, end then had a new contact person. The next day we also lost him, and now have a third. Then To day that is also changed and now we have a fourth… If you find it hard to understand and […]

24 Feb 2008

A new Blog is born! Faster-harder-wilder!

After more than two weeks in Shanghai, I find my self looking into my computer screen, wondering were to start… How to write down experiences and impressions, findings and understandings -in a such way that it creates sense or understanding for the receiver. When that is said the “free flow” can start, and I hope you can follow!After a lot of frustrations toward the censorship of the internet by the Chinese government. I finally learned a way through the system! Now […]