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02 Jul 2015
Giant Penis sneaking up on teens

The Sneaking Giant Penis

There are many ways of getting attention for a video. This is one of the more fun ones in my opinion. A giant Penis sneaking up on young people encouraging them to use condom. Only in Norway.. Check out the video here:

29 Jun 2015

Sharing is in our nature

Just after the danish election this video showed up in my newsfeed. It kind of gave me back some faith in mankind. Apparently a very large part of the danish population have so much fear of the unknown, that they choose to vote for “Danish Folkparty” DF. Basically that’s the closest we get to a nationalistic party in our end of the world. I don’t wont to blame others for their choice during the election, they must have felt that […]

26 Mar 2015

I love creative marketing!

And this example got my attention today! The campaign is to Raise Awareness about Colon Cancer. And you can see more of the campaign here: http://merediths-miracles.org/  I really like the way they got the print to look real. Specially from this angle from where the photo is taken. It´s a great attention grabber which serves the purpose in my mind.

05 Dec 2013

Free the Nipple

There are lots of different campaigns out on the web and I try to watch as many as possible. This morning I came by a Facebook update from a friend of mine, Philip, who posted this great video of the “Free the Nipple” evolution. The video have a high production value for sure! The cause is, well, likeable one could say. The woman are good looking, and from the web site, www.freethenipple.com they seem to be serious. I’m curious to […]

04 Dec 2013

1. Dec. — Another day at the office

For nearly seven years, I’ve been working with the hospital project Masanga. I love the little session about a short blogpost everyday from the hospital compound. It’s in Danish, but I’m sure you manage to translate with mr. Google 😉 These people are doing such a good job helping so many people! Keep it up!

02 Dec 2013

Are you still trying new settings…?

This is one of the situations where my wife, Lis, is getting tired of me trying new settings with the camera… 🙂 I guess all photographers can recognize this situation… The capture is from Bali, Ubud, with a Canon D7, 50mm. It was a fantastic dinner, with a very dim light.

29 Nov 2013

Graffiti Timelapse

If you have been following me on Instagram (@ambusanga) you will know, that I have a love for well made graffiti. So when I saw this fantastic timelapse video by @sofles @selinamiles @drapl @fintan_magee @butchdaddy @ironlak — It really made my day! Check it out and share the art love out there! ENjoy!

19 Sep 2013

Better than the new iPhone announcement

While everybody talks about the new iPhone or the recently release of IOS7, I really find this concept likeable. Rather it is doable is something completely different. But i like the idea of it. Check out the video, and give it your voice, if you believe in it too.

07 Feb 2013
Twitter Ambusanga

Happy birthday … on Twitter…Time to Party!

So… I soon approach my fourth year on Twitter… When realising that I had to sit down and rethink what I’ve been through on that journey. What a journey! I had to think about the many, many, many tweets I’ve read on a daily base and the nearly 5000 tweets I’ve written… most importante of all, my thoughts stops with the enormous amount of people I have gotten in contact with. I have met SOOOO many! Most of them IRL (in real life) which have been a […]

12 Jan 2013

Einar Enemark og Per Vers, Einar 2.0

Jeg har altid været stor fan af Mc Einar. Jeg har altid været vild med hans rim, hans beats og specielt at han var den første til at rappe på dansk. Mange er blevet inspireret af Mc Einar og en af dem er Per vers. Hvis jeg forstår det rigtigt så har Per Vers skrevet en tekst som Einar Enemark så opfører her i denne video. Teksten rammer så rigtigt og spiller på mange af de tidligere tracks som Mc […]

06 Dec 2012

Instagram is taking over!

The service is here to stay and more and more people are signing up. Personally I have used the service in close to two years and I’ve had great experiences with it. I have gotten contacts to different artists around the world many great conversations around streetart have taken place in the newsfeed. If someone have a success on one site, others will make fun of it on the other site. I saw this video this morning, and wanted to […]

16 Jun 2011

Danish folk party should not have Dannebrog!

Every year my family on my mothers side gathers to enjoy a picnic during the Danish “Grundlovsdag” (Constitution Day). This year I was lucky to have my camera with me and I managed to get some photos. I have uploaded some of them to a badge on flickr, but I wanted to make a blogpost about this specific photo right here. It has the Danish flag in the background and it stroke me how much I automatically associate that setting with The Danish Folk Party […]

28 Sep 2009

Appriciating life

This blog post is going to be about a an experiences I had about a week ago. Small things that makes me smile. I was deeply into a debate with me good friend, Rasmus, about the Danish society. About the changes that are ongoing at the moment. We both remember for some years back when we where proud of being Danish. Especially when meeting people while traveling. The fact is that I am not proud now. I can not identity […]

16 May 2009

Report– Done

And now the final report is delivered! it has been a hell of a ride with great learning’s and a lot of turbulence’s! Of course we celebrated and here is a photo from the garden BBQ party out at Torben Brandt´s amazing surroundings! thanks to all of the great people from team 13 that I have spent the last somewhat close to 3 years with – for a great day and night! In the photo we have ( from the […]

14 Dec 2008
18 Nov 2008

The Ny Giants Home Game

People where playing before the big game, Here you see a Father and his son warming up to watch the game.

13 Nov 2008

No title… just thoughts

When the days disappears by: Waking up -and feeling as I never really went to bed… Walking towards the Subway -and thinking “am I all ready here again?” Working – and not really understanding the calendar… have I been doing this much in so short time? and, am I really in the middle of November? Walking around and experiencing New York City – and thinking back to the time where this experience was a dream… Realizing that my head is […]

06 Nov 2008


I am proud to present a new show, new tunes, new photos!–> an indescribable atmosphere!! Shanghai Radio covered the election of Obama from Time Square, New York. check it out on our myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/shanghairadio

03 Nov 2008

>>One of Many<<

A quick snapshot of the never ending avenues in the constant pulsing city.

03 Nov 2008

Election coming up

I was scrolling through some of the photos from the other day, and this street art piece stood out to me. I don´t think it is intended for the election, but if Obama wins (and hopefully he will) this wall suddently gets a strong symbolic meaning. America is about to write History, and I am in the middle of it. >> Snapped in a School Yard in East Harlem, the hood where I live at the moment <<

02 Nov 2008

::::The Theater Of Life::::

I came by this wall today. :::: In The theater of life, You Too will have your moment:::: >> Become Your Dream << This wall is situated in East Harlem, New York City, where I live at the moment. I think it´s a strong message to send to the world, and it cheered up my heavy head from the Halloween night, only few hours ago… I would like to post some photos taken in Central Park today, the light was […]

12 Sep 2008


Århus d. 12/09 2008 Pressemeddelelse / Kultur / Bogudgivelse: 12. september udkommer bogen ”Social Innovation – A Travel Guide”, som samler de mange definitioner og begreber inden for social innovation. Læseren får et overblik – et landkort – til at manøvrere i en tid, hvor de sociale aspekter kommer mere og mere i fokus, også i forretningsverdenen. Bogen er opbygget som en rejseguide med kapitler som The Landscape, Famous Travellers og Social Innovation in Action og henvender sig både til […]

20 May 2008
16 Mar 2008

Next stop Japan //

  wake up call, 06.00 metro take off from Chansu lu st. to people square. 06.30 departure towards Science and Technology center. 07.00 Maglev train departure towards Shanghai international airport in Pudon. two words about the Maglev train: it toke of at 07.00, and 30 km later and no less than 7 minutes i stood in the airport. The train gets a speed of 400 km/h … it was an extreme experience to travel with that speed above ground!  the […]

06 Mar 2008

IF I KNEW…. Then what?

There are many things i would like to know. F.eks. how to upload pictures at this page… how to make it look nice and so on… Many hours have been spend in frustration towards the internet here in china! first of all the whole Proxy affair and the sensor of internet pages… then the set up at this blog… Therefor i have arranged a meeting with me good friend Henrique, who knows this stuff. -yes, you can read it as […]