The other day I sat down to empty my mind, lot´s of thoughts are running through my tiny head at these days. The final project on the last semester is approaching really quickly and the end of the education era is closing in. In order to empty my head for all thoughts i sat down with my laptop and typed down what ever came to my mind. All concerns, hinders, frustrations, tasks and thoughts. All of them in 15 min. From that I made a “To Do List” and one by one wiped them out. My head felt lighter and could start focusing on the next big assignment in front of me. More of that will shortly follow.

While searching around for inspiration, knowledge and updates in society I came by this statement:

20081111-zcc-opening1The photo is from a webpage named “zero carbon caravan” a group of people protesting for a Carbon neutral planet. as they state on the page: “We are making our way to Copenhagen without using fossil fuel transportation. Along the route we’ll connect with local groups to establish an itinerary of ‘zero carbon conferences’ to build momentum for zero carbon awareness.”

i think is´s a good and needed initiative and i like it a lot. Maybe Viva La renovation should team up with them on the last bit of the caravan.

Financial brakedown or not, there is still a planet to be concerned about.

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  1. Hey Søren!
    Sweet stuff! That’s an interesting project and Viva La Renovation should definitely hook up with these people and make some fun carbon-neutral shit together!
    Let’s keep that in mind!
    I see great opportunities :o)

    Talk to ya later skater.

    The Trash Prince

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