The unknown?

What to do when being stocked in project work?
The Fashion Hub group are still in the unknown zone searching for the light. Our clint, the Shanghai Fashion Hub, has still not presented a project description for us. After a confusing meeting with the boss the other day, our group still stand with only questions and very few answers. As this is being typed we are in a waiting position. Simon our Team manager is in a meeting with Mr. Lee (the boss of the hub) The result of this meeting might be crucial for our further project work. Will we create a marketing strategy? Design a huge process? Develop Services for creative industries? or something completely different? As said before: The Questions are many, the answers are few. It is an interesting situation for the group, when looking at cooperation and personal ways of dealing with culture clashes and unstable grounding. We were from the start promised a place to stay, for free, at the Hub. Friday 3 days before moving in, the promises was canceled. So the situation to day, Monday the 25th is: No project so far, and no housing. Spit or challenges the group is smiling and looking forward to get some answers on the table.
Shanghai is still interesting, rough, inspiring, crazy, Hugh and friendly! we like it a lot.

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