::::The Theater Of Life::::

I came by this wall today. :::: In The theater of life, You Too will have your moment:::: >> Become Your Dream <<
This wall is situated in East Harlem, New York City, where I live at the moment. I think it´s a strong message to send to the world, and it cheered up my heavy head from the Halloween night, only few hours ago…

I would like to post some photos taken in Central Park today, the light was extremely nice to practice manual settings on the camera. These are some of the results from today:

>>The view of NYC seen from the south side of Central Park looking North<<

>> Here we are on the East side, looking South, Camilla is the beautiful model <<

I also captured some photos the other night during Halloween. I was surprised to see how many people dressed up as something “not scary”. Here for example are two really sweet Indians. At least i didn´t find them scary….

>> Kids doing Trick Or Treat during Halloween-08 NYC <<

On my way home that night I came pass some road workers, I took this photo and I think it came out really well.

>> Road Worker on duty late night during Halloween – 08, NYC <<
Feel free to comment. I am impressed to see my granddad making the most comments on this site!
:::: KAI YOU ROCK ::::

3 thoughts on “::::The Theater Of Life::::”

  1. >>Sweet NYC upload from the man with the cam(illa!)! – the streetest the baddest! making my early Sunday morning even more joyful – it looks like your getting those settings tuned just about perfect. great shots! -Can I still afford you? say hi up there, we San Fran people is thinking about you every day!luv<<

    • Hey E.
      – At that time I lived in the crossing 3.Ave 116 street. So close to there, it´s nearly 10 years ago… so I don’t recall the exact location to be honest. 🙂
      If I recall correct it was painted on a school or theater building.
      Let me know if you find it 🙂
      take care!

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