The game Tri in Shanghai – World cup!

Yeaterday I started the Saturday evening by attending a World Cup tournament of the game Tri, here in Shanghai. Tri is a new conceptual game, “TRI”. Active yet still under development, this is an alternative, s.b.f. (strategic, ball and field game). Designed to challenge pre-conceptions about what a sport can be, TRI introduces a new set of dynamics that engage athletes and spectators from traditional sports around the globe. You can learn more about Tri here. I was introduced to the game by a good friend Phillippe Tzou whom I met last time in Shanghai through the fantastic Couchsurfing community.
The game can be a little bit tough as the players do not have any protection. I got the photo as the first thing when arriving the sport side. The French player had taken a hit.
The video below shows how a tackle could look like, The American player, in blue, has to leave the pitch for a while afterward be course the French player lands on his head… check out the video below. By the side of the field a DJ, was spinning records and for this specific tackle Nirvana Nevermind was playing! pretty suiting I would say!
The end Score of the World cup China had negative 3, France 2 and USA 1… Very interesting experience!
Trio World Cup game broken nose French Player


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    • Good to hear!
      It was a tough welcome to the game.. I came working from the subway to experience this game that I had never heard of before.. and the first thing I see is you bleeding all over the place.. :0)
      let me know when you are playing again.

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