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tankograd movie picture radioactivity mayak

This saturday I went to a movie screening of Tanograd in the very cozy cinema “Øst for paradis” (east of paradis) in Århus. The screening was combined with music performance of the soundtrack plus extra improvisations. The soundtrack is made by Ghost Society who did a short and very cozy performance on stage after the movie. Borris B. Bertram who made the documentary movie talked shortly about the process of making the movie. He asked questions from the audience, which i really liked! It sort of made it more true!

Tankograd is a movie about Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater, whose young dancers love and find hope through the art of dance. Chelyabinsk city in Western Siberia is infamous for its extreme radioactive pollution and has unstable contaminated areas that are threathening to spill into the Arctic Sea.
It´s a pending global environmental catastrophe.

The movie gives you inside in the dancers everyday life. I like that you follow a group af people who uses their body for a living, in an area where the human body is being destroyed by radioactivity. For me the movie became an artistic way to shout out about the terrible situation!

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tankograd movie picture radioactivity mayak

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