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30 Sep 2015
Do it for Denmark - Do it for mom

Do It For Denmark – Do It For Mom!

The travel agency Spies Rejser have done it again. The Campaign Do it for Denmark the second version is again a mindblowing video. The blog post could stop here… though I would like to add a few words to why I think so. The concept and idea is brilliant. Using few simple facts in order to get the “proof of concept” and then adding lots of humor and a sensible topic – sex – Last year around March 2014 Spies made […]

29 May 2015
Kadaver Kilroy

Kadaver laver nyt film hit!

– Life is about exploring the moments that matter, lyder den indledende speak til to nye reklamefilm fra ungdomsrejsebureauer Kilroy. Filmene er netop lanceret YouTube, Facebook og i biografer i fem nordeuropæiske – Danmark, Sverige, Norge, Finland og NL. lande, og de er kreeret til at give målgruppen en følelse af udlængsel og lyst til at udfordre sig selv. Det er igen det lille reklamebureau Kadaver, der står bag Kilroy-filmene, og som i samarbejde med instruktør Mads Hemmingsen, har udviklet […]

04 Sep 2010
And we are not even on ground level

It´s fantastic to revisit Shanghai

Shanghai is it´s own in a way, a place on earth that is difficult to describe for people who haven´t been here. A friend of mine once said: “Shanghai is just an other planet.” and I agree with him! This time it´s just a familiar planet where the road names makes sense and the subway system is understandable. It´s great to be back! So many good memories from the last time I was here, actually that was when this blog got […]

22 Feb 2010

Oslo, Norway Feb.2010 = Winter!

I just returned from a great trip to Oslo, Norway. This time a year that part of the world is extremely cold. I was there with my girl friend Lisbet and we both enjoy walking around when visiting new places, and so we did… in the cold. I had my camera with me all the time, but must admit that it was to cold to snap as many pictures as I normally do… Here are two that I like from […]