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12 Jan 2016
Rock in water

How to set goals 

So, how to set goals in the beginning of a year? After the start of 2016 I’ve been speculating about what my personal goals for the year should be and how to track and measure them. This line of thought made me consider the general aspect of having goals either on a personal level or on a professional level. Within the world of marketing and branding the KPI’s and campaign goals can be extremely fluffy or slurred within feelings and […]

01 May 2013

Don’t Walk – Dance

I really like this message! So simple and so straight forward. Don’t just be a zombie in the street, create you own fun. Experience what will happen if you open up and start interacting with others. Dance you way through life and have fun while living! Challenge of the month: Don’t walk. Dance!

26 Jan 2009


The other day I sat down to empty my mind, lot´s of thoughts are running through my tiny head at these days. The final project on the last semester is approaching really quickly and the end of the education era is closing in. In order to empty my head for all thoughts i sat down with my laptop and typed down what ever came to my mind. All concerns, hinders, frustrations, tasks and thoughts. All of them in 15 min. […]

06 Mar 2008

IF I KNEW…. Then what?

There are many things i would like to know. F.eks. how to upload pictures at this page… how to make it look nice and so on… Many hours have been spend in frustration towards the internet here in china! first of all the whole Proxy affair and the sensor of internet pages… then the set up at this blog… Therefor i have arranged a meeting with me good friend Henrique, who knows this stuff. -yes, you can read it as […]