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12 May 2013

If you loose a sense…

Sometimes you see or read somethings that makes you either smile, laugh or think. I think I experienced all of it when I came by this fantastic little note. “If you loose one sense, your other senses are enhanced. Thant’s why people with no sense of comic have an increased sense of self-importance.” I guess you can picture a person where this statement fits very well…. At least I can.

07 May 2013

The Job is 90% done !

One of the many times on twitter where you just find something that strikes you! I came by this fantastic quote by Greg Knauss or @gknauss on twitter. The job is 90% done, now lets do the other half. I think it strikes straight to the heart of an entrepreneur or anyone else who have tried to lead projects from scratch. Good luck out there – getting the other half done!