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09 Aug 2010
malaria the killer

Malaria the Killer

There have just been made a short documentary about the tropical parasite Malria by experimentarium in Copenhagen. The scientist Ali Salanti, Phd and Lecture at KU, might have found the solution to how you can save 1000´s of people from the Malaria parasite. The hugh malaria problem is also something that UNICEF and other organizations are fighting to defeat. Also Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of UN, announces new UN effort to end malaria deaths in Africa. I am proud to have some of the […]

07 Sep 2009
09 Jul 2009

Masanga Hospital – Sierra leone

I have now been In Sierra Leone for a bit more than a week. I am at the moment situated at the Masanga hospital ground in the middle of the jungle. A fantastic place and a dramatic place at the same time. Life is both beautiful and terrible at the same time. It becomes very clear how much needed this hospital project is when being in the surroundings of it. Meeting the locals, seeing their kids with malnutrition and hearing […]