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24 Jul 2013

Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones

If you have seen the movies or read the books… this is funny 🙂 Cersei’s respons to Leia is spot on. In these cases I just love the internet! Get more here.

12 May 2013

If you loose a sense…

Sometimes you see or read somethings that makes you either smile, laugh or think. I think I experienced all of it when I came by this fantastic little note. “If you loose one sense, your other senses are enhanced. Thant’s why people with no sense of comic have an increased sense of self-importance.” I guess you can picture a person where this statement fits very well…. At least I can.

01 May 2013

Don’t Walk – Dance

I really like this message! So simple and so straight forward. Don’t just be a zombie in the street, create you own fun. Experience what will happen if you open up and start interacting with others. Dance you way through life and have fun while living! Challenge of the month: Don’t walk. Dance!