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12 Nov 2009

An open head at Nørrebro

I haven´t been able to keep up with my own blog, since I have been working with my company Kadaver and the organization Masanga. There are many blog posts taking place in my head, and soon I will have them online too. An interesting one that I have thought about the last couple of days is the creation of the new Metro at Assistens kirkegården at Nørrebro´s runddel. There are a lot of citizens in Copenhagen who are extremely angry […]

03 Nov 2008

Election coming up

I was scrolling through some of the photos from the other day, and this street art piece stood out to me. I don´t think it is intended for the election, but if Obama wins (and hopefully he will) this wall suddently gets a strong symbolic meaning. America is about to write History, and I am in the middle of it. >> Snapped in a School Yard in East Harlem, the hood where I live at the moment <<