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24 Dec 2009
against Lømmelpakken cop15 police arrest

When laws kills democracy – Copenhagen 2009

The Danish democracy agreed upon the new law called “Lømmelpakken” in order to prevent street riots during Cop15 in Copenhagen, and in order to address the ongoing “gang wars” in Copenhagen. Lømmelpakken makes it possible for the police to arrest people based on assumptions for what they might do later. As my good friend Mark Beanland writes on his blog: that is the society we see in the movie Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg. I do understand that the […]

16 Jan 2009


Every 4th year, x-mas is celebrated with my mom´s side of the family, this year we where 32 people for 2 days. Enjoying each others company, playing around, going for long walks, making great food, talking, debating, storytelling, hugging, dancing, singing, drinking, kissing, jumping, laughing, sleeping… To see what the danish newspaper Politiken said click HERE Strolling by the wather, From left: Marie, Signe and Marlis (Knud and Ditte in the background) Urd and Eva By the water; Tom and […]