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03 Aug 2010
Campinglife at Roskilde Festival 2010

Roskilde Festival 2010

I want to share some photos I got from this year at Roskilde! I found it a bit unsafe to cary my camera with me at all times… I was simply afraid of loosing it.. so my photos are mainly from the early hours of the day, when I was still sober … ! Good friends enjoying the sunset at Roskilde Festival 2010! Enjoying the long evenings at Roskilde Festival 2010! Germany did play a fantastic game against Argentina! Great […]

27 Feb 2010
Dancing old ladies in Shanghai streets

This Blog, its origin and the blog supporters

When I think of blogging, I think of the feelings I had when I tok this photo in Shanghai of old ladies dancing in the streets of Shanghai. Blogging photos like this, is my main reason for blogging at all. This blog post goes out as an acknowledgment to those who have inspired me to get started with social medias such as blogging, twitter, facebook, ning, flickr etc. The idea of starting blogging came from the many different projects and […]

18 Oct 2008

Warming Up

While preparing myself for traveling to New York City, I came across this photo. The Photo captures the view I had from where I lived in Ă…rhus. This specific view I miss! I think it gives a special feeling when the view is endless… only the horizon is the limit. MANY hours has been spend just staring and thinking…. I am looking forward to capture the view in New York. I am about to leave for my Internship as a […]

22 Aug 2008

Chilling around at Anholt

During the Summer 2008 I stayed at the Danish Island Anholt helping out my friend with his restaurant. here are some photos of the beautiful island!