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16 Feb 2017
snow in copenhagen

Snow in Copenhagen – a beautiful setting

The idea of having a theme to follow for a week took too much effort to follow. So in order to keep motivation high and finding new angels to shoot, I simply went with the flow. Basically I’ve discovered that what counts for me is two important things. 1) to have the camera with me at all times. 2) to have time when moving between A and B. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The routine has always been to […]

05 Feb 2017
look up into the stars and the future

Look up – Challenge of week 5 in the 365 project

In the end of last week, I gave myself the challenge to shoot photos within a theme. I named the week, Look up. It has been interesting to have a frame to work from. Challenging too. And for future experiments, I will remember to keep the theme open, so it´s possible to interpretive it creatively. Just like “Loop up”. Here are the different shots I picked for the week.   day 30 – Text from Flickr; This week I will […]