Snow in Copenhagen – a beautiful setting

snow in copenhagen

The idea of having a theme to follow for a week took too much effort to follow. So in order to keep motivation high and finding new angels to shoot, I simply went with the flow. Basically I’ve discovered that what counts for me is two important things.
1) to have the camera with me at all times.
2) to have time when moving between A and B.

It sounds easy, but it’s not. The routine has always been to hurry up from one place to the other. Always maximize the time and aim to be as productive as possible. What I find to enjoy is the thoughts that appears when taking it easy and being able to stop and capture a moment or the light in specific spot.

So the photos from this week is pretty much what happened on the fly during the day 🙂

First one here, is a really good example of not having time… working from early morning to late evening, stressing home to be able to go and run with the NBRO running crew – and then find yourself tired after 9 hours working day and 16km running… shooting a photo of the dinner… haha

Day 37 – That night I wrote on Flickr:
The running season has started for real again. I’m back running approx. 50 – 60km per week. Hard training calls for healthy food and also have the side effect of not having much time for photography… yesterday was one of those days. With 16km total and a sprint of 4km totally knocked me out… so here is a photo of my dinner before I passed out 😂🙈

37/365 dinner after running


Day 38 – From a cold walk home, we stopped and looked at some wonderful lamps. They had a warm light shining out the windows. It´s the same guys who made the lamp I mentioned last week during the “look-up” challenge

38/365 Fascinating lamps
Day 39 -snow in Copenhagen – This ended up being of the most popular pictures I’ve ever uploaded to Instagram. Riding that bike in the snow gave me so many memories to both my time in Norway but also the time in France, snowboarding for 5 months. 🙂

And when the snow finally got to Denmark and Copenhagen – it looked somewhat like this. I bike to work at Kadaver (www.kadaver.dk) 99% of the time. Today was no difference. On my way back, after a long day at the office, I took out my camera on the bike ride. Super fun to try and do a street photography approach on a bike lane. The streets were slippery and the wind and snow made navigation difficult. Even though I think this “behind the scene” of a “brave Dane on a bike going through a mild blizzard” is pretty cool. I was right behind him with an 18mm lens, doing shutter speed settings and focus areas with one hand 😬Let me know what you think 😁____________ #copenhagen #colorsofday #snow #blizzard #xt2 #_53mm_ #fujifilm #fujifilm_xseries #fuji #fujifilmxt2 #fujilove #fujifilmxworld #x35mm #fujifilmdk #dkfujix #fujiclub #firstfuji #fujifeed #fujifilminstax #cph #visitcph #webikecph #biking #cold #windy #beautifulnature #fujifilmnordic #tipkbh

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day 40 – an other one from Instagram. A platform I’ve started using more and more.

It’s freesing cold these days. The wind is crazy and the chillfactor hits -15 from time to time. It’s not cold enough for the water to freese to ice, but it’s insane to bike around and shoot photos… I stopped to make an HDR merge of this wonderful spot. The colors from the lovely buildings ads some kind of warm feeling. And it’s difficult to see that my hands are close to follow off.. 🙂 This is Nyhavn, a part of copenhagen. Very well visited by tourists. 💸 ______________ #Copenhagen #tipkbh #nyhavn #visitcph #fuji #fujifilm #fujifeed #_53m_ #fujidk #dkfujix #fujiuk #xt2 #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmxt2 #fujilove #fujifilmxworld #X35mm #fujifilminstax #fujifilmnordic #hdr #reflection #cold #urban #instacolor #365project #colorsofday #photooftheday #explore

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Day 41 – Visiting my wife’s family. I like this old school setup with pictures of the grandkids!
41/365 visiting my wife's family
Day 42 – A creative way to photograph those who will not have their photo taken at a party.
42/365 see no harm



Day 43 – My Wife, Lisbet, grew up in this area. Now she is running a business providing treatment to people with IBS. check out Better Ways Of Living for more info.
43/365 The cold reflection

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