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Sick and smiling kids from Sierra Leone, Vest Africa - SorenBoSteendahl

Sick and smiling kids from Sierra Leone, Vest Africa

After I returned back from Sierra Leone I made the blog post – Back from Sierra Leone.  And i started to see a trend in my blog statistics. A lot of search result are clicking in with searches  combinations like “ happy smiling african kid” or “happy children Sierra Leone” or “Malnutrition children sick” I have been thinking about how to react to this, and I though I would showcase some more of the different photos I have laying around that shows exactly that. Since I made that blog post, different people have contacted me in order to use one or more of the photos for various things. I like it an,d it shows how the web 2.0 is working as it should. One of them is “DJ Ino” who choose to use it as a front cover for his CD. check him out Here.

I received this fine little danish poem for the previous post about assistens kirkegården. It´s made by a very good friend of mine, a good writer with a good heart! Louise Rosengreen, She is blogging in danish at this link. HERE.

Du er ikke kommet af jord
og du skal ikke tro
du kan få lov til at blive
i den

And I suddently had a chance to upload a photo i took from a long time ago:
>>>System er ikke i krise, Systemet er krise!!<<<
Assistens kirkegården graffiti
Back to the photos of the kids from Sierra Leone and Masanga:
Happy children, smiling children, all kids from Africa.
happy smiling kids sierra leone Masanga DSC06889

happy smiling kids sierra leone Masanga
And the sick kids suffering from malnutrition just next door are there too.
kid suffering from malnutrition sierra leone masanga

malnutrition sierra leone masanga children

0 thoughts on “Sick and smiling kids from Sierra Leone, Vest Africa”

  1. Hi,
    I’m working on a blog about volunteer-trips for Swedish people (it’s a one year project for my school.) Came across some of your photos trough Google and was wondering if it would be okay for me to use one or several of your photos in my header? I like how you show smiling pictures and not only the horror parts of the society. I will of course write your name on it if you want to, or a link to your blog. It’s your choice!


  2. Hello. I am the Vice President of Encompass Nutrients, a young company that is looking to give 80% of it’s profits towards caring for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. We are in the late stages of our web development and our designers came across the photo above of the boy smiling with his hands over his mouth. We’d like to use this photo on our site with your permission. Please contact me with a reply. Thank you so much for your consideration. Although it’s only a splash page now, the website is http://www.encompassnutrients.com


    • Dear Aaron!
      Thank you so much for your comment and request to use the photo. I work with a charity named Masanga, we are establishing a hospital in the jungle of Sierra Leone specially focusing on kids and vulnerable children. How about our Organisation, Masanga, provides photos and stories to your page and your community, and then you add Masanga to your charity list of organisations that you support? would that be a solution to work for?
      We have by now provided healthcare for more than 175.000 people, in the middle of the jungle 🙂

    • Dear Erlinda – Thank you for reaching out.
      I Took these photos for a non-profit organisation in Sierra Leone called Masanga. The main aim for Masanga is to provide health care for the local people in Sierra Leone. The photos I took there have been helping the organisation ever since and I aim to keep that focus.
      For others who have had the same request as you, I have asked for a donation to the organisation for the usage of the photos and a credit (mention) to me as the photographer. You can decide the amount you find suitable for your usage in your case. In that way the photos will still help the Masanga Ngo – and now also your Ngo in Kenya (do you have a link by the way?). What´s your thought on that approach ?
      Here is the link for the Danish NGO (in danish) http://masanga.dk/
      and a link for the UK partner (in english) http://masangahospital.org/english/
      Hope to hear back from you.

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