Running for Balls! – Tattoo for Balls!

Jonas Skafte running for balls

A good friend of mine, Jonas Skafte, has recently created the concept “Running for Balls“. He is basically taking action on his own to collect funding for prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Jonas is preparing to run a marathon for the cause! You can support and donate money to his charity work from his webpage www.runningforballs.com. Not only is it possible to donate money for the run, Jonas donates his own shoulder to a tatoo chosen by you. He calls it “Tattoo for Balls”. Everybody can submit their design for the tattoo competition and the tattoo with the most votes on April 10th will win the honorable spot on Jonas left shoulder for the Marathon run! Great publicity!

Lately Jonas took part in the Action Duchenne 10k Love Run in Finsbury Park London as a part of his training for the marathon.

I love this concept! I am a huge fan of Jonas´s work and I see great marketing potential in this type of campaigns. After the Action Duchenne Love run the danish Løbemagasinet wrote a story about Running for balls.

Jonas Skafte running for balls

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