Roskilde Festival 2010

Campinglife at Roskilde Festival 2010

I want to share some photos I got from this year at Roskilde! I found it a bit unsafe to cary my camera with me at all times… I was simply afraid of loosing it.. so my photos are mainly from the early hours of the day, when I was still sober … !

Sunset Roskilde Festival 2010
Good friends enjoying the sunset at Roskilde Festival 2010!

Sunset at Roskilde Festival 2010
Enjoying the long evenings at Roskilde Festival 2010!

German flag at Roskilde Festival 2010
Germany did play a fantastic game against Argentina! Great reason to celebrate!

Campinglife at Roskilde Festival 2010
Life at the camping site during Roskilde Festival 2010!

Enjoying the music at Roskilde Festival 2010
Wants more! just like the rest of us! – this is at the Jack Johnson concert at Orange stage! Fantastic experience!

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