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Photowalk in Copenhagen 2016 - SorenBoSteendahl

Photowalk in Copenhagen 2016

The results from todays photowalk in Copenhagen, Christianshavn.
Prior to this month Likemind meeting I posted a question in the Likemind Copenhagen Linkedin group, if anyone wanted to join for a walk around in the snow and practice some photography. I’ve previously met people at the Likemind meetings who enjoy photography and the active way of exploring the city. Luckily a few brave souls was ready to get on some warm close and take the walk. If your are curious about Likemind, then read my 5 good reasons to get up early and network. 
All in all we had about a two hours walk and you can find some of my result below.
I would love to do this again – A question I often ask is; How can you keep exploring your everyday surroundings, like you do when your travel?
You know the feeling, being in a new place. Taking photos of everything and everyone. Why is that not happening in your own backyard? Well for me it’s a practice I will keep exploring.
Let me know how your find the photos. I would love your critic and comments. (we had no theme for the day, so basically we shot everything…)
Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-2

Reflections at Christianshavn

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-3

Reflections at Christianshavn

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-4

Reflections at Christianshavn

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-5


Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-6


Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-7

Could look like an animal?

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-8

Reflections at Christianshavn

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-9

Solveig shooting

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-10

Sunny cold day

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-11

Phil on the role

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-12

Ice cold

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016-13

blue sky

Copenhagen Photowalk jan. 2016

Baresso in the background

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