From time to time I get comments on the photos on this site. The other day a friend asked me where he could see some more photos? and I answered on my flickr of course. He then asked: and how do I find your flickr then? —-> this was the moment i realiced that i now have had a Flickr account for about a year, without really using it, or introducing it on my blog…. for that I apologies!

I will there for now introduce you to an other page where you can see even more of my photos: http://flickr.com/photos/steendahl

And for those of you who haven’t checked out the PhotoLetter concept, Check it out here: http://sorenbosteendahl.wordpress.com/photoletter/ and subscribe for free by leaving a comment…

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  1. Hello Soren

    Love your photos and your comments. Great to see NY through new eyes. I forget how raw and beautiful it is . . even when walking out of the office.

    Looking forward to staying in touch and hearing more about Sierra Leone.



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