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One Day In Shanghai - SorenBoSteendahl

One Day In Shanghai

During our stay in Shanghai, I created together with me friend Jacob klintrup, a movie illustrating a random day in the busy city. We made a Dogma concept with the following rules:

-No setups,
-Only one takes and no editing
-All photos in chronological order
-A random day, where what ever happened – happened, no setups.
-The music played is the music from the day
-Only follow Jacob Klintrup
-All photos by me, Søren Bo Steendahl

This has created a stop-motion video with 332 pictures and music from one day in shanghai. Due to a shitty quality at youtube i suggest you to click the photo below. Enjoy



ict by Jacob and Christian stolze



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  1. I visited Shanghai last summer, and I loved it. I took a bunch of photos and posted them on my blog back in July, I’d love your feedback! While we were there, we set off fireworks in the middle of the Financial District, it was soooo much fun! I posted the video on youtube, I’ll link it here so you can check it out!


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