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28 Sep 2009

Appriciating life

This blog post is going to be about an experiences I had about a week ago. The Small things that makes me smile. I was deeply into a debate with me good friend, Rasmus, about the Danish society. About the changes that are ongoing at the moment. We both remember for some years back when we where proud of being Danish. Especially when meeting people while traveling. The fact is that I am not proud now. I can hardly identity […]

16 Dec 2008
04 Dec 2008

How romantic can it get? …

Finally we got a place to live, where we can cook… We will enjoy this for the next 2 weeks… For dinner we heard The Raconteurs, “Together”. The lyrics really stroke me, and i have written some of them down for you. I am fan of Jack White and Brendan Benson’s philosophy: First you have to learn how to live, and then live and learn… I guess you are the one that knows when “you know how to live” … […]

27 Nov 2008

East Harlem I love you, Inside out!

Here We lived for the last Month, this is the first thing you see when going trough the front door. And to describe the feeling, the closest i can think of is a well used Toilet at Roskilde Festival on a sunny day. The smell was harsh and stiff, a good mix of Piss, beers and rotten wood. Most likely there are more things to add to this list, things i don´t know about, and honestly don´t either want to […]

26 Nov 2008

Live Your Life, please.

Things are happening. as always… you could say. Time is flying! i have tried this before in a way; Impressions and new experiences are everywhere! They sort of floats around somewhere between my ears and behind my eyes. When i say i have tried this before, I am referring to the end stay in Shanghai. Slowly i am realizing where i am and being comfortable with it. The other day i went to church. Not be course of the mess […]

24 Nov 2008


Before the amazing experience of being in the Gians stadium, there was a TailParty going on in the parking lot… basically it´s Roskilde Festival with football fans… they grill and drink for MANY hours and then they enter the stadium. Good vibes and an amazing including atmosphere! (plus a lot of food) This man was very happy for preparing the food for his friends and us… here you see some of the parking rows with partying fans! A classic Gians […]

10 Nov 2008

Obama for Preseident

Shanghai Radio made a show from Time Square in New York during the election of the 44th President of United States of America. The experience of being there and feeling the unity of New Yorkers was indescribable. We were standing just outside “ABC news” studio, the atmosphere was tense. When it got to the point where Obama was elected the crowed went crazy! screaming, jumping, crying, hugging, yelling, smiling … silence… A person told me at some point, that this […]

26 Oct 2008

NeW YoRk nEw yOrK

The trip has begun, New York is the target, Experiences, education, insights and curiosity are the agenda. Johannes and I have spend some time to settle in before the project kicks of. Later on today we gonna meet our client and specify our task. When that is done the project can start. (Manhattan seen from the Brooklyn Bridge) When settling in we have done what we like doing the most; getting lost in the city, walk around, finding a way […]