Neon Girls at Rust in Copenhagen

Neon girls på rust

One of very good friends Anders Møller Toft, formed the band Neon Girls for a couple of months ago. They had the first couple of gigs before they had a name, and they have been having to create new sound tracks in order to fill out the time slot provided to them! They are productive and charming! I love the 90´ish touch of electro and pop. I went to check them out at Rust in Copenhagen and I was amazed! What a sublime performance and great energy!

If you like concerts and are in the Copenhagen area, you should check out a new initiative by some other friends of mine. They blog everyday about interesting concert in Copenhagen. The blog is called: Byenstoner.dk and they announced Neon girls at Rust too.

Neon girls på rust

From left: Neon Simon, Neon Anders

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