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Masanga Hospital - Sierra leone - SorenBoSteendahl

Masanga Hospital – Sierra leone

I have now been In Sierra Leone for a bit more than a week. I am at the moment situated at the Masanga hospital ground in the middle of the jungle. A fantastic place and a dramatic place at the same time. Life is both beautiful and terrible at the same time. It becomes very clear how much needed this hospital project is when being in the surroundings of it. Meeting the locals, seeing their kids with malnutrition and hearing them coughing from malaria. At the same time you meet smiling people greeting you for being here and wishing you welcome to their country. The mixture of illness and happiness is amazing to experience! I have been around a lot to dig deeper into the different parts of this ever expanding project i have been a part of for so long. The impressions and experiences are indescribable. Some of the person barriers I run into is to pull out my camera and “snap” the people I meet. Luckily the kids love to have the photo taken out in the villages, and in the hospital when the patients are ill, the photos are for documenting our progress in establishing and rebuilding a fully functional and operational Hospital. One of our main problem is that the patients we get for treatment are the Last minute once, which means we often can´t save them. We are currently trying to solve that problem be getting out to the villages and help the locals on an earlier state. So far we have been successful with that, and will continue to find solutions for pro-activism!

I have uploaded some of the photos I have captured during these first days here. They show the illness and the mixture of happiness. the First two are from a stroll through Masanga village with my friend Rasmus Dahlin. He was here for two years ago as one of the two first volunteers for the project. I am not joking when I say that the whole village knew who he was! It was a warm welcome with many smiles! -here are some of them.

“”””the internet is too unstable to upload photos to wordpress… i try to get them on the facebook page named MASANGA here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=112195932544#/pages/MASANGA/112195932544

The next two are from our TFC, where we take care of children suffering from Malnutrition, unfortunaltly our little friend here on the first photo died two days after the photo was taken. May she Rest in peace. And this little fellow is a happy camper smiling and saying funny sounds!

At last there is a photo of how bad Hernia can look like if it does not get treated on an early state. The operation took aprox. 2 and a half hours and the man is now up and walking again. I have never seen anything like that before!

thats it for now! – more to come! /the photos will come when i hit a better connection…

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