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12 Jan 2016
Rock in water

How to set goals 

So, how to set goals in the beginning of a year? After the start of 2016 I’ve been speculating about what my personal goals for the year should be and how to track and measure them. This line of thought made me consider the general aspect of having goals either on a personal level or on a professional level. Within the world of marketing and branding the KPI’s and campaign goals can be extremely fluffy or slurred within feelings and […]

01 Nov 2015
Sex without concent is rape

Sex without consent is rape

The other day I was browsing through some articles at The Guardian and I came by a short piece about consent. It had a short video comparing rape with tea…? which I found as an interesting comparison and also since I just returned from a revisit in Brighton and Chichester as they really love tea in that country! I’ve posted the video below. Personally I find it very very well made as it covers all the different aspects of the […]

27 Oct 2015
Brighton Seagull

The power of meeting people through photography.

While strolling around in Brighton revisiting old places and friends I experienced one of the many beautiful things about Photography. The interaction with strangers. 9 years ago I studied and worked in Brighton. I was taking a course in English, in order to shape my language skills prior to the application for the entrepreneurial education The Kaospilot.  At that time I was working behind the bar in the very charming and lovely pub, Mrs. Fitzherbert. I introduced Lisbet to the […]

06 Oct 2015

When saying ‘Sorry’ becomes routine. You are indeed fucked up!

For a person living in Denmark, the Americans and the 2nd amendment seems like a freaking joke more than anything. Again and again we (here in this cold part of the world, Denmark) hear about horrible school shootings in America, last time in Oregon. It’s straight out terrible! Horrible! And all my regards goes to the those who lost their loved ones. What I don’t understand is the lack of action to get guns of the streets. Obama is trying and […]

29 May 2015
Kadaver Kilroy

Kadaver laver nyt film hit!

– Life is about exploring the moments that matter, lyder den indledende speak til to nye reklamefilm fra ungdomsrejsebureauer Kilroy. Filmene er netop lanceret YouTube, Facebook og i biografer i fem nordeuropæiske – Danmark, Sverige, Norge, Finland og NL. lande, og de er kreeret til at give målgruppen en følelse af udlængsel og lyst til at udfordre sig selv. Det er igen det lille reklamebureau Kadaver, der står bag Kilroy-filmene, og som i samarbejde med instruktør Mads Hemmingsen, har udviklet […]

28 May 2015

Alternativ markedsføring under dansk valgkamp 2015

Alle vil have opmærksomhed i valgkampen som lige nu er på anden dagen og allerede over alt i mit facebook feed, twitter feed, instagram feed og en lille smule på Google plus. Den danske tradition med valgplakater er igen i år gået amok overalt i KBH. Jeg cykler fra Nørrebro til Kadaver på Christianshavn hverdag, her møder jeg – Enhedslisten, SF, Social demokratiet og i år også Alternativet. Der er nogle få Venstre plakater, mener jeg at have set… Jeg husker […]

15 May 2014
listen louder

Listen Louder – En bog om iværksætteri

Jeg har i mange år fulgt med på sidelinjen af Jonathan Løw. Det har været super spændende fordi jeg ser mange ligheder mellem ham og mig. En passion for at skabe forandring, en iværksætterånd og et håndværk indenfor markedsføring. Nu har han udgivet en bog som jeg har hørt meget om “in the making”. Jeg glæder mig rigtig meget til at læse den, og satser på at have den med som E-bog til den kommende vandretur til Irland. Om bogen […]

11 May 2013

We’ve stopped selling eggs from caged hens.

I saw this photo somewhere in my Facebook feed and was so thrilled about the communication strategy. Actually making it possible for viewers to experience the feeling of being smashed together in a small box. Big respect to the agency behind this print!

10 May 2013

An ad with a secret message

This is great! I love this alternative way of looking at traditional marketing. Check out the video and see how there is a secret message only for kids. I think it´s a quite strong initiative.

04 Dec 2012
creative story telling

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7pYHN9iC9I&w=560&h=315] The world wide fantastic web! – Use and abuse!

23 Mar 2011
hot lady in a chair

If you cant sell it – add SEX.

Isn´t that one of the first rules of advertisement? That´s at least what these guys did! I am not sure how much more they sell.. but for sure they get attention around it! it got me to watch the video at least… maybe be course it was recommended to me or maybe be course of the action…? Any way if it´s a viral storm or not, it got me laughing! 🙂 [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9LBQZ3nxCU&feature=player_embedded] I found the video and photos on the Bandit […]

22 Mar 2011

Researching made me remember – Guinness!

During an assignment today at Kadaver, I had to find different videos which turns negative associations into positive. While searching and searching I came to think of the time I lived in England. I did some bar jobs while studying English and one of the advertisement that I really remembered from back then was the Guinness – Evolution. When you see this one then think back to 2005 or so, where it´s from, and imagine that you just ordered a pint of Guinness – and […]

08 Mar 2011
Jonas Skafte running for balls

Running for Balls! – Tattoo for Balls!

A good friend of mine, Jonas Skafte, has recently created the concept “Running for Balls“. He is basically taking action on his own to collect funding for prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Jonas is preparing to run a marathon for the cause! You can support and donate money to his charity work from his webpage www.runningforballs.com. Not only is it possible to donate money for the run, Jonas donates his own shoulder to a tatoo chosen by you. He calls it “Tattoo for […]

13 Feb 2011

Bikes in Copenhagen – and Abus marketing campaign

I have been without a bike for a very long time! – some people would say too long..! Now however i finally got my self together to invest in a bike. I found a pretty good one for a cheap price and then came the next question. Which lock should I get? probably the most important choice if you don´t want the bike stolen… And believe it or not but there is a lot of bikes being stolen in Copenhagen! […]

08 Feb 2011

Superbowl 45! More than sport and adds!

As so many others I too watched the Superbowl 45. I’m not a huge fan of the sport but for the last couple of years I have been seeing the show. Course a show it is. What I like about the whole arrangement is the hype! The American hype! It´s fantastic how much talk and statistics there is produced as warm up material for the game. I was as so many other just as interested in the add´s which is […]