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Look up - Challenge of week 5 in the 365 project - by Søren Bo Steendahl

Look up – Challenge of week 5 in the 365 project

look up into the stars and the future

In the end of last week, I gave myself the challenge to shoot photos within a theme. I named the week, Look up. It has been interesting to have a frame to work from. Challenging too. And for future experiments, I will remember to keep the theme open, so it´s possible to interpretive it creatively. Just like “Loop up”.

Here are the different shots I picked for the week.


day 30 – Text from Flickr;
This week I will try to play with the theme – Look up. This is from my way to work. I pass the old Stock Exchange every morning and it´s actually one of the oldest buildings in Cph. Made by the King Christian IV. This spike on top of the building is originally from 1625 but was later renovated in 1775. It forms 4 dragon tales “protect the building from enemies and fire”. 🙂
Lets see what we find tomorrow with in this theme.
30/365 look up


Day 31 – Text from Flickr;
Following the theme for the week – Look up, I stopped under a tree and “looked up”. The grey sky with a setting sun, made me think of a mystery and endless possibilities with the many branches and directions. The wind was pretty strong which helped me to capture a slightly blurry and mystery look of this tree. It´s a fun task to shoot within a theme, it´s also pretty difficult 🙂
What should the theme for next week be?
Let’s start the chats already now 🙂

31/365 The Mess Above



Day 32 – Text from Flickr;
When running sprints on tracks, it’s important to watch out for other sprinters. The theme of the week is “look up” which in Danish also is a shout out for being aware of “action”. Often on the tracks, you hear people yell “Watch Out”, Essentially the same meaning 🙂 The creative angels don’t stop. We do track practice every Wednesday. Today I ran 4x1000m with pace 4.00 and then 1x1000m pace 3.50 “happy ending” 🙂 plus 2k warm up and 2K cooldown.

32/365 - track attack



Day 33 – Text from Flickr;
After a long day at work, then guesting at a presentation by my wife regarding her business: www.betterwaysofliving.com  then a friendly visit at a pub… and then a long walk home.

33/365 long and lonely walk home home


Day 34 – Light it up…

34/365 light it up


Day 35 – That grey Feeling

35/365 that grey feeling


Day 36 – Lost in the Future
A part of a playground near our home. It looks amazing at night.

36/365 lost in the future

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