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Live Your Life, please. - SorenBoSteendahl

Live Your Life, please.

Things are happening. as always… you could say. Time is flying! i have tried this before in a way; Impressions and new experiences are everywhere! They sort of floats around somewhere between my ears and behind my eyes. When i say i have tried this before, I am referring to the end stay in Shanghai. Slowly i am realizing where i am and being comfortable with it. The other day i went to church. Not be course of the mess in my head, more for the experience. I went along with Johannes and Louise Hebøll. We picked one of our local churches up in Harlem, more exact on 116 street. When talking about experiences and how to inspire people, a gospel singing church got something you don´t find anywhere in Denmark, at least i don’t know about it…. After the gospel singing started it only took 1 min before we where standing and clapping and Singing! We looked around and i think we where the funny ones to look at, our jaws where hanging on the chest… This was truly an including community! Everyone was welcomed, and nothing was “wrong”. If you wanted to scream out: HALUJA…! you just did it… God bless ya! When sitting/standing/dancing there i thought of taking a photo of this amazing situation. to visualize the describtion. -it just didn’t feel right! I don’t know why, but there was something that made me keep that camera in the bag, and just keep on smiling.

smiling and smiling

After an hour or so (honestly i got no clue about time in this situation) the singing stopped, and the “Father” went on stage. listening to him reminded me of Chris Tucker in the movie Rush Hour. What a fabulous way of presenting the bible in. I would like to state that i am not really a believer in the sense they where. Neither do i consider my self religious. What i therefore found interesting was the way how the bible got related to different every-day-life-situation. How we choose personal development and thereby effect our surrounding and how a majority of people present them self through their problems. Just think about it for a minute; when a friend of you asks how things are going, do you then tell about what is going well, or do you state your problems in life? My dishwasher machine is broken, My chain jumped of my bike, the bartender pored milk in my coffee…. etc. I got pretty inspired about these perspectives, though i had to sort it out from a lot of God and Jesus talk. The statement was -Live your life! only you can live your life, you can´t live your fathers life, neither your mothers. YOU can ONLY live YOUR life. That message i like, despite any religion preaching it.

So dear reader: who ever you are, “live your life” and live it your way!


The other day I came by this:


The name of the artist who painted the painting in the forground of the picture is somewhere in my bag. I will post it, when i find it.

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  1. Killer post man…! Inspiring – and reminded me of a thing me and Nick promised Karin back in Århus. To go visit a certain church here in SF and after reading about your experience – we better go for christ sake! Or maybe just for our own sake..
    Say a big WUUP to Joe and Louise! Looking forward to see you back in DK!

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