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14 Dec 2015

Searching for 35 brave souls 

10 years ago, I answered an application that changed my life. My personal story is that I was in a job interview and the woman on the other side of the table asked me: So what do you like to do? I believe her name was Tina. I started mumbeling about what I liked to do… and I like to do a alot… so I just kept on talking. After what must have been too long she smiled and said: […]

25 Feb 2008

The unknown?

What to do when being stocked in project work? The Fashion Hub group are still in the unknown zone searching for the light. Our clint, the Shanghai Fashion Hub, has still not presented a project description for us. After a confusing meeting with the boss the other day, our group still stand with only questions and very few answers. As this is being typed we are in a waiting position. Simon our Team manager is in a meeting with Mr. […]