Category : Internship

10 Nov 2008

Obama for Preseident

Shanghai Radio made a show from Time Square in New York during the election of the 44th President of United States of America. The experience of being there and feeling the unity of New Yorkers was indescribable. We were standing just outside “ABC news” studio, the atmosphere was tense. When it got to the point where Obama was elected the crowed went crazy! screaming, jumping, crying, hugging, yelling, smiling … silence… A person told me at some point, that this […]

18 Oct 2008

Warming Up

While preparing myself for traveling to New York City, I came across this photo. The Photo captures the view I had from where I lived in Ã…rhus. This specific view I miss! I think it gives a special feeling when the view is endless… only the horizon is the limit. MANY hours has been spend just staring and thinking…. I am looking forward to capture the view in New York. I am about to leave for my Internship as a […]