IF I KNEW…. Then what?

There are many things i would like to know. F.eks. how to upload pictures at this page… how to make it look nice and so on… Many hours have been spend in frustration towards the internet here in china! first of all the whole Proxy affair and the sensor of internet pages… then the set up at this blog… Therefor i have arranged a meeting with me good friend Henrique, who knows this stuff. -yes, you can read it as a cry out for help! i am looking forward for that. not just for my own sake but also for you as the receiver and reader of this forum.I would like to invite you to interact with this page, and thereby me, by commenting or emailing me. In that way i get more knowledge about what is interesting for me to publish and what is not. Otherwise i could just end up typing down every thing and in that way overload everyone…OUR PROJECT IS ROLING!The Shanghai fashion hub task force group now has a job to do! We are working full on, and having fun meanwhile. Our specific task is to: “map out creative networks and spaces in shanghai, discover their locations, locate their needs and basically research on as much information about what´s moving in the field of creativity in Shanghai.” That should then be delivered to the Shanghai Fashion Hub as kind of either Booklet, Book, poster -just something that represent the people that Shanghai Fashion Hub want´s to attract in the long run. We are all working long hours, due to the fact that mingling with the creative network often takes place during night time.If you know anything about creative movement in Shanghai, please let me know.pudon-blog-dsc09867.jpg

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