Hummel, csr, Roskilde Festival, Inshallah Express and a streaker

Hummel tournament streaker Arriva, football, Csr

During this year Roskilde Festival 2011, Hummel had arranged a football tournament to support the woman’s national football team in Afghanistan.  It was beautiful to see how different teams participated to support the noble cause, and there was a lot activity. The rules for the participation was:

  • all teams had to be dressed up
  • only girls allowed to play
The money from the tournament where to sponsor a buss for the national woman’s team in Afghanistan to transport them between matches and training. Great little concept and very well executed. I was lucky to be there and watch some matches and get some photos too. The winner this year was a team of brave girls sponsored by Arrivaand therefore dressed up like buss drivers. A very suitable outfit for a tournament with the focus on sponsoring a buss. They called the team for Inshallah Express which I´m not sure what means… do you?
Christian Stadil was there to announce the winner and tell about the buss project. I am personally a huge admire of the work that Christian Stadil and Hummel are doing, especially  the works and support in Sierra Leone. Right now Hummel is supporting a Jungle Run for the Masanga Hospital which has a huge impact for the local society.
During the tournament a streaker ran to the field to get attention… where else than Roskilde Festival would that take place..?
Hummel tournament streaker Arriva, football, Csr

Hummel tournament streaker Arriva, football, Csr

Christian Stadil hummel

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  1. Hey Søren! You forgot to mention Inshallah Express in the body-text 😉 – I passed the field of glory just as Inshallah Express won – I felt like it was in the honour of me – I was a devout muslim (that day) – and I’m probably one of the only danes to tweet with #inshallah hashtag on a regular basis 😉

  2. so you’re not sure what “Inshallah Express” means Ins’h’Allah is arabic and means “God willing” – it’s common for muslims to end sentences by saying Ins’h’Allah – we’ll meet tomorrow ins’h’Allah (God willing) – in my opinion this is a state of mind – calling something ins’h’Allah Express is thus, a contradiction of terms, since you can’t hurry God, nor love <3 it!

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