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A new Blog is born! Faster-harder-wilder! - SorenBoSteendahl

A new Blog is born! Faster-harder-wilder!

After more than two weeks in Shanghai, I find my self looking into my computer screen, wondering were to start… How to write down experiences and impressions, findings and understandings -in a such way that it creates sense or understanding for the receiver. When that is said the “free flow” can start, and I hope you can follow!After a lot of frustrations toward the censorship of the internet by the Chinese government. I finally learned a way through the system! Now I can blog, for you and myself, your friends as well as my friends. Or basically for everyone!Some might think; Why is Søren on the other side of the earth? Others might think; -China… the place you as a kid are trying to get to when digging in the sandbox… What is he doing there? Well… I also ask my self that question.Why Shanghai? 
On the second year at the Kaospilots, the Team go together on an “Outpost”. To work, play, study, create, search and try to understand and experiment with our way of working in an other culture. A new setting, new surroundings, new culture, new mindsets, new trends, new ways of thinking and approaching challenges. I am here as a member of Team 13 with the working umbrella named Social Innovation. How do we understand Social Innovation in a chinese setting, how does it look like and how does it work? How can we harvest and share our experiences with others? 
As you might have discovered by now, are my head pretty overloaded with questions concerning the purpose of my stay in Shanghai. I freaking fucking love it! I personally find our task as a team extremely interesting! Social innovation is so huge a topic and still so undefined in Denmark, that our work and insight can become extremely valid.With this as my late intro to a long journey I will finish it off for today and get a good night sleep. The Jet-lag and the culture crash “chock” is over. I now remain with the culture clash and the different ways of dealing with it. So far I am overwhelmed with positive experiences and inputs. -looking forward to the days coming!Big up for technology!!

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