Happy birthday … on Twitter…Time to Party!

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So… I soon approach my fourth year on Twitter… When realising that I had to sit down and rethink what I’ve been through on that journey. What a journey! I had to think about the many, many, many tweets I’ve read on a daily base and the nearly 5000 tweets I’ve written… most importante of all, my thoughts stops with the enormous amount of people I have gotten in contact with. I have met SOOOO many! Most of them IRL (in real life) which have been a mindblowing experience!
For those of you who know me on a personal level, you know I’m not lying when I say I know a lot of people in Copenhagen as well as in general. Even though, I have heard my self say from time to time, that I have never met so many interesting and friendly people in Denmark, so quickly, since I started to join twitter…
I have used twitter to arrange network meetings for Likemind, to find business partners for Bangura Bags, to bring good people together at Harbobar for #torsdagstradiotin. I’ve scouted new volunteers for our NGO Masanga in Sierra Leone. I’ve made the buss driver Mukhtar world famous by spreading a video of him being celebrated on his birthday.
I’ve used twitter to conduct research, create promotions, get support, find jobs etc. I once helped a fellow tweep to reconnect a lost child with her father somewhere in the skiing slopes in Norway…
Important to remember is, that Twitter is only a success due to the people using the service! And it´s due to the people behind the different twitter names that my experience with the social network is so great! Thanks for that!
Now that I do have a Twitter birthday coming up I thought about throwing a party for the tweeting people! On saturday the 23rd I will host a Twitter Birthday party to celebrate all the good stuff that twitter have brought to life! I have no clue how many people will find this invitation but I can host about 15 people for dinner…  So the first 15 tweeps sending a mention on twitter to @ambusanga gets a seat around 18.00. Everyone else are welcome for loose beers or wine later 🙂

My adress is Heinesgade 7. 3th. 22000 cph N. I’ll serve some food around 18.00 and the doors are open from somewhere after 20.00… My flat ain’t big … but its cozy… Bring wine, beers and booze 🙂

Lets see where this will end! I’m up for the adventure!

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