Getting Lost will help you find yourself

Getting lost will help you find your self

I haven’t been blogging in a looong time now. Too long if you ask me.
Yesterday I had a conversation with me friend Gorka around this. Why am I not blogging that much any more? and what should I blog about and bla bla bla. I came to the conclusion that I do “blog” a lot ON MICRO BLOGS. everyday Twitter is rolling, nearly everyday a new photo of graffiti is posted to Instagram, Flickr is Flickr and Facebook is Facebook… always action. So how should this blog be used then? There are so many other small web sites and smartphone applications that tells a story and so many other possibilities. Then I got this video to day from an other great friend. Liher. He just returned to Spain from China, where i helped him with some contacts from my previous stay. He passed this video on to me, and I think it strikes the situation pretty well.

Getting lost will help you find yourself

Getting lost will help you find yourself

You can see the video here if you like.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDmt_t6umoY]

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