Explore Copenhagen – The 365 project week 4

fire in front of a tent, found while on the mission to; Explore Copenhagen

My overall conclusion from last week’s post “Swans in Copenhagen” was; too little exploration in the photos. I simply didn’t spend time “enough” to search and find my motives. So I decided that week should be different. That I should strive to find new motives and explore Copenhagen even more.

It´s a tough task to keep being curious to known surroundings. And didn’t find it easy. With practice comes perfection I guess and I will aim to keep it up. Course from an overall perspective the 7 images from this week, is just more interesting and appealing than last week. Many years ago (more exactly 9 years ago) I made a quest for myself. “To Explore Copenhagen as if I was a tourist.” I lost focus somewhere in the process but the idea still sticks to me. My theme for this week ended up being “Explore Copenhagen”.


Day 23 – I ran into a great friend from the NBRO running club. We run together normally and plan on joining the Belgrade half marathon. He was out with his kid. And she gave me those skeptic eyes.
23/365 sceptic

Day 24 – The lighting was amazing as I left my office. This is the neighbour house, my office at Kadaver is the building on the left side. I love this place.
24/365 magical

Day 25 – I was afraid I would loose my camera trying to capture the swan. The previous shot didn’t have any background which kind of made the image extremely flat. Getting the angle a bit lower kind of made the caption more delicious in my mind. I shot this with an 18mm lens, and the swan thought it was food…
25/365 The cold hunt for food

Day 26 – A great example of the difficulties of forcing your self to a theme. I was biking around on my way home from work to find a picture matching my theme; Explore Copenhagen. I ended up here and said – you are not leaving this square before you have a shot you like. After I got this image and couldn’t feel my fingers… I left 🙂

26/365 - the red post. The Strange building And a fancy café



Day 27 – Preparing dinner for 10 members of the Sandbox network. (formally known as Thousand). This Beet looked liked a heart. And it became our “heart beet” for the night. Fantastic concept for a dinner. Gathering wonderful individuals and sharing “your life story”. I might do a blog post on that separately. A lot of amunition for the future came out of that night.
27/365 the Hearth beet(root)



Day 28 – The dance floor in the eyes of a 4-year-old. She was most certainly exploring.
28/365 A dance for all ages
Day 29 – The flame in the wind. 6 hours in the zoo with friends. Lots of possibilities to not only Explore Copenhagen but also to explore the zoo. The photo course I once took in London highlighted the many photo opportunities you can find in the zoo. Wonderful place!
29/365 The outdoor life

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