East Harlem I love you, Inside out!

Here We lived for the last Month, this is the first thing you see when going trough the front door. And to describe the feeling, the closest i can think of is a well used Toilet at Roskilde Festival on a sunny day. The smell was harsh and stiff, a good mix of Piss, beers and rotten wood. Most likely there are more things to add to this list, things i don´t know about, and honestly don´t either want to know about.  It has been an experience of character to live out in Harlem. I am happy for moving. And I am happy for having the possibility to choose… opposite many others we met out there.


Today it´s thanksgiving and New York seems dead! -just like Shanghai did in the New Year holidays. Funny how these busy cities can turn into gost towns.

I am not sure if i have introduced you to a good friend of mine, Jacob Klintrup. He has been blogging for a while by now. Hi is a good friend and one quarter of KADAVER. check him out for inspiration.

happy thanksgiving!

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