Can you make goals that keeps you motivated?

I’m gonna drop a bomb! – In general New Year resolutions doesn’t last longer than till Valentines day… BUUM.
January ended a few days ago and I made a quick evaluation of my 2016 goals. Before I looked at the numbers I kind of had the feeling for what I would find. This sparked my ongoing debate about Goals. Are goals helping us to stay motivated or are goals destroying our motivation?
For my personal part I created ambitious goals for the year with the clear aim to “work hard and achieve a lot”. I also know of the opposite situation – too ambitions goals killing the process… just like my two attempts to “take one photo every day for 365 days”. Thats the balance for me… So how can you be sure that the goal you create continuously will be keeping you on the right track, igniting your motivation and helping you to achieve your milestone(s)?

My personal evaluation came out okay. All in all I’m on the right track and for January I registered running 110 kilometers for the Masanga Runners Charity Program. Great start of the year and for the marathon training. (Masanga runners is for me a big motivation to keep on running)

In order to further understand “the power of creating correct goals” I started searching for inspiration. Then I found an interesting woman, Emily Ballets a social psychologist.

She did this Ted Talk back in 2014 in New York about the different perspectives on exercise. Basically researching a lot for the connection between your motivation for the task and the actual action.

See it here:
[ted id=2140]
I felt in love with her research about the connection with motivation and goals. Definitely something that resonates with me. Fact is that we all have different perspectives on different subjects and matters, which reminded me of this tweet from a long time ago.


The drawing does’n deal with goals or exercise but it touches very much on how we all see the same object (task) different. The drawing is simple and a clear reminder for all of us, to be able to “Put our self in the other persons perspective”. I believe thats a strong reflection for us to bring on further into 2016. I will personally thrive to do so.

What was your first thoughts when seeing this image? Feel free to share them with me.

And thanks Simon for sharing this. Go follow Simon on twitter for more great inspiration.

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  1. This is good ~ a great read and also once again very relevant as the Lunar New Year is a couple days away so another shot at making resolutions and making a go at it 🙂 The ending to this post is fantastic, as it is all perspective. My first look saw four and only when looking at it from a different angle (the perspective on the right) did I understand it… Also, I wonder if I saw it from the left side was due to the fact that I am left-handed?!?
    Cheers to a great weekend and a great Year of the Monkey…

    • Hey Dalo – thank you for your comment 🙂
      I´m glad you liked it. It gave me some great thoughts producing too.
      I too saw the left side of the picture and i’m right-handed. I guess its due to the reading direction? Hope you had a great celebration of the Year of the Monkey! Where in China did you celebrate it? I few years ago I celebrated new years in Shanghai – what a crazy experience! 🙂

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