Blogging and rocking!

After a stroke of fever and a serious Asian influenza I am now strong and happy again! a lot have happened the two and a half day where I have been knocked out. We as a group, lost our client, end then had a new contact person. The next day we also lost him, and now have a third. Then To day that is also changed and now we have a fourth… If you find it hard to understand and follow, then don´t worry; so do I …. any way, we (the group) have now made some demands for our client that they have to live up to as a partner. We will get the answer tomorrow at 12. if we have no answers or a NO as an answer will go and find an other client. Yes it has come this far. It sounds, when said, as frustrations. But what i see here is hugh possibility for learning. -how can this be prepared in before hand, and what could we as Kaospilots have done different? Learnings that are crucial to focus at, and then again really hard to see when standing in the situation.
During my sick days I was offered Hedvig´s bed. Some of the team members are in Bambooland, and there are spare beds around town. We still have no place to live settled. I have a meeting with an Agent and a landlord tomorrow, so hopefully it will end out with a signed contract. And now it turns out that there a troubles with the paper work, apparently we are all “illegally” situated in Shanghai… So that we need to deal with tomorrow as well. I do think that the Risktaking element is about to be fulfilled. Then again this is one of the element i love so much, and this staying in the unknown as a group, was one of my goals before going. It´s going pretty well to succeed that! :0)
I made the Girls a chicken soup to day for dinner. I did it the best i have learned from my good friend Morten. And a brilliant experience it was to do it china. Be course a “whole chicken” here is a WHOLE chicken…
For those who don´t know about Shanghai radio, you should for sure check it out! My friend Carl Johannes Borris (al so from my team) is the Host of the program. I am the photographer. see the link at the right side of this page to follow the development.

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