Bikes in Copenhagen – and Abus marketing campaign

I have been without a bike for a very long time! – some people would say too long..! Now however i finally got my self together to invest in a bike. I found a pretty good one for a cheap price and then came the next question. Which lock should I get? probably the most important choice if you don´t want the bike stolen… And believe it or not but there is a lot of bikes being stolen in Copenhagen! from ibikecph.dk you can see that more than 16.000 bikes are stolen from Copenhagen alone, thats nearly 2 bikes pr. hour. in a city with only about 1 million inhabitants… So as you can figure the choice for which lock you choose is just as important as for which bike you choose. The employee at Loke’s cykler told me that he normally advice people to invest 20% of the bikes value in a lock! wauw! 20%!! I started to look through the different possibilities of brands etc. and I cam by a unique offer that I really liked. Both marketing wise and product wise! The Abus lock had a very specific offer for their users. If you buy the Abus lock and then gets your bike stolen and that you can actually show that the Abus lock was broken open by the thief – you will get a reward equivalent to the value of the lock!  Simple and great! I am a huge fan of a company that truest its product to a such extent that they bet the value of the product on it´s function! It made me trust it too and I ended up buying it in the end. So far I am a huge fan of it! let´s see what happens.

Here are a snapshot of the bike and the Abus Lock. Further down there are some links to danish articles talking about the issue of organized bike theft in Denmark.

This is the bike I bought!

Link to Politiken article about organized bike crime
Link to Politiken: The Mayer want´s to stop the bike theft.

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