Back from Sierra Leone

being back from Vest Africa means alot of things! New eyes on the way we live our lives in the vestern world, a lot of new insight in what to work with and how for the organization Masanga. And last but not least a quick and stabil internet connection… In the previous post i wonted to show some photos from the Hospital compound and surroundings. These photos are not meant to offend anyone or brake any rules from the provider of this WordPress blog, the photos uploaded with the simple purpose to spread and share reality and my experiences. So it goes out to my friend Kim Thue who wanted to see the photos “asap” here you go. (check out Kim´s work at this link —> here! i like it a lot, and in only few days he will travel to Masanga to take a lot of potrets of the locals and our staff members. I am very much looking forward seeing that.

The next couple of photos are from our TFC, where we take care of children suffering from Malnutrition, unfortunaltly our little friend here on the first photo died two days after the photo was taken. May she Rest in peace.


Here you have Maria one of our medical students from Denmark doing a quick examination of the child in the morning hours.


The last photo here from the TFC shows a small happy camper with a great smile.


I got the possibility to join a Hernia operation, and the guy really needed that surgery! He is all good now, and this operation took about two hours in local anesthesia. It makes a big different for the locals that they can get these kinds of operations nearly for free!


So when walking around the compound you get to see many different things. There are a lot of happy kids and smiling people, and also people who are sick or needs help. I will upload some different photos to give the best possible impression.

Here you see a Gold digger taking a quick shower.


This man is nearly blind and still working in his rise fields.


In the end i will upload one of a million of photos with kids smiling and wanting to have their photo taken

happy-smiling kids-blok

7 thoughts on “Back from Sierra Leone”

  1. Dear Soren,
    I would like to use one of your beautiful photos of smiling, happy children in Sierra Leone. Please contact me (I couldn’t find your email on this website) so that we could discuss how that might be possible.
    Thank you very much,

  2. thanks for sharing,

    and i must just add the depiction of Afrika
    needs a face lift , and don´t get me wrong about wanting to hide
    anything, but imagery like this inhibit a different gaze to be focused
    on the cradle of life.

    i wanna bring ur attention to this quote by Nigerian curator – Okwui Enwezor
    “The pathology of crisis is all we hear/see about Africa. But we should not talk about societies in crisis all the time. Let’s look at societies that are in transition. There is too much Afro-pessimism.”

    just a thought —-

    much love keep on sharing.
    Abdul Dube

  3. These are great photos. I was wondering whether I would be able to use one of them for education purposes? I would be very grateful. Many thanks

    • Hi James – your are very welcome to do that. Sorry for the super late reply… please just refer to my instagram account @Ambusanga as reference. Thanks for reaching out.

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